Brand and Concept Store

Concept store design, based on the culture, heritage and values of Quaker Oats.


Our main objective was to understand the main values of Quaker oats and translate them into a retail experience that will drive equity and consumer engagement by owning the breakfast moment as a state of mind and showcasing the versatility of oats.


Our mission was to talk about oats beyond other ingredients, explore the potential territories where oats could add more value, and bring back good and meaningful food through a deep human empathy.


A concept store that explores the versatility of oats through 4 different product lines: Market, Bakery, All-day brunch, and On-the-go options. Its menu is specialised in oat-based dishes with both sweet and savory recipes. The Oatery creates a sense of community and shares knowledge about the heritage of oats, the processes involved, and the nutritious benefits of this fiber-rich product. This concept will carry, no matter the region or country, the heritage of oats and the vision of Quaker.

The first of many editions will be located in Sao Paulo, Brazil under the expert hands of chef Morena Leite, partner of Cap Santo and the Trio of Santinho.

Oatery Model Oatery Model
The Oatery Concept The Oatery Concept The Oatery Concept The Oatery Concept The Oatery Concept The Oatery Concept