Cocktail research for innovation in the beverage industry

Exploring cocktail recipes using the D.U.E (Desired User Experience) methodology.

Our client’s objective was to identify what was the perception of a classic Mexican cocktail (michelada) throughout different regions of the country. We organized cocktail workshops in 3 different cities of Mexico working closely together with key stakeholders including customers and bar tenders.


Our main objective was to identify the common denominators of ingredients and presentation of the beverage and to propose new flavors for a cocktail creation.


During the workshop we analyzed the perception in three levels: sensorial, physical, and emotional through a series of questions that guided the tasting session.

The workshop was divided in two sections: The first part was mainly oriented in defining the key values of a michelada taking into account its ingredients, appearance and drinking mood. The second part was about the stretchability of the concept, with the aim to identify how far we could go in the proposal of new flavors without jumping into a new category.


By the end of the workshops, we collected data about the perception in the 3 studied levels (sensorial, physical and emotional). With these results, our team created a D.U.E graphic that presented the common and most recognizable elements of a michelada. This served as a tool to evaluate future cocktail proposals and verify that the innovation was fulfilling the key objectives of the market.