Strategic business model

Structuring a new pizza business model for commercial real estate located around low-income housing developments.

Our client is a housing constructor that wanted to create a social center through food around his housing developments.

The aim of the project was to deliver a pizza concept based on size impression with high quality ingredients for low price. In order to accomplish this value equation our team focused the work on the shape’s perception and the ergonomics of the pizza.


The main objective of the project was to deliver a high quality pizza for an accessible price in a convenient and fast way.

n addition, we needed to create a space that could serve as a social center to integrate life in the neighborhood while maintaining a fast service.


We started the process with a benchmark about pizza innovation that turned into 3 different visions that approached pizza in different ways: The first one talked about convenience and ready-to-eat options. The second one was about social bounding through a shared business model between different actors in the neighborhood. The last one, and the chosen vision, was related to size impression in accessible prices.

Starting from this last concept, we worked on a brand strategy that was materialized in a new identity, menu, space, and interior design. We also worked on a communication strategy that included printed and digital materials.


BIG PIZZA is a concept that sells rectangular pizza by length, in this case meters. Every quarter meter can be personalized with different ingredients and it is offered in 3 sizes: individual, large and huge.

The space was designed to have a fast and convenient experience. Its location was determined to have an strategic position within the housing development in order to speed up the orders in a “drive-through” environment.

The communication strategy was mainly focused on size impression, extending the limits of a “regular” pizza shape through a new presentation that gives the sensation of a more fulfilling pizza.