Concept definition and identity design for a food court

A multi-platform of social values and food interaction

Our client’s project is a real state development in an financial and commercial district in Mexico. Its main value is to integrate neighborhood associations, property owners, government institutions and non profit organizations to create a systemic vision of the city improving the life’s quality of the inhabitants.


Our client’s need was to position and develop an innovative food market within the housing development. As the project was closely related with the local community, our strategy needed to involve as much as possible all the members of the neighborhood to create a positive social impact on it.

food interaction


Based on the belief that all talent deserves a chance, we defined a full system of pop-up restaurants. We worked closely with kitchen and restaurant suppliers to obtain a full equipped space that will serve young chefs and entrepreneurs to expose their talent, offer their food, and test their concepts before opening real restaurants.

This open-innovation concept, allows emerging talents to share, test and improve their ideas while they serve their offer to a real public. The food hub will not only encourage the creation of new projects, but will also establish a honest and clear relationship with the community giving them the tools to empower themselves as active actors in the development of the district.

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